Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions related to promoting The 3 Week Diet as an affiliate.

How much money can I make promoting The 3 Week Diet as an affiliate?
We have many affiliates making several thousands of dollars a day with The 3 Week Diet and we are consistently one of the bestselling products on the entire Clickbank network. If you stick to our product, you will make money.

How many upsells do you have and how much will I get from them?
In addition to our main product, there are FOUR UPSELL products. You will get 75% commission on ALL of them (excluding rebills and where applicable).

Can I use any graphics, before-after images, logos, testimonials, or content in promoting The 3 Week Diet?
Yes! You are welcome to use any images (except before/after photos) or content from our website to promote the product. You don’t need our permission for what you can use.

Can I link directly to the checkout page?
Yes, you can create your affiliate link for that here.

Is email marketing permitted for The 3 Week Diet?
Yes, but no SPAM. Please only market to opted-in subscribers. You can find some emails to send here or create your own.

Can I submit my tracking code to you?
Please make at least 50 initial sales first before being eligible to send us your tracking code.

Do you have any customer demographics available?
Yes, please find that data here.

Do you have a free review copy available?
Ideally, we do not like to distribute free copies of the main 3 Week Diet book as it often leads to leaks and free copies of the book being circulated to potential customers without permission.

However, feel free to purchase a copy of the book using your own affiliate link and get 75% commission for it. You will also then be able to get an inside look at the upsell flow and members area. This inside knowledge may help with your promotion of the program.

Do you have any tips for promoting The 3 Week Diet?
There are millions of people around the world searching for weight loss solutions. Feel free to use any of the affiliate material here to drive those potential customers to your affiliate link. Volume is key. The more people you send to your link, the more money you will make.

You may like to consult with various Clickbank discussion forums such as Warrior Forum, Digital Point, and BHW and ask how other affiliates are making sales with The 3 Week Diet. There is an abundance of advice in these forums and many of our affiliates use them.