Quiz Landing Page

While you may wish to send customers to our quiz landing page which we host via your affiliate link which is available here, we also have the files available for download which you can re-upload to your own server and insert your links into. The purchase button is timed to appear after 10 minutes on the final page with the video, but you can adjust this to whatever you like.

You are more than welcome to edit it in ANY way you wish. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to coach you to do this, so you will need to be experienced with HTML if you want to edit it.

Though you can check the “README.txt” file in the ZIP folder that gives instructions on how to edit the quiz with your affiliate link.

The quiz landing page works great with Facebook ads, particularly with unique eye-catching ads like this:

The weirder the ad, the more attention it gets, and therefore the more clicks you get! Be sure to make your own ads though (Fiverr.com is a great place to get ad images made cheaply). Don’t forget to target Wi-Fi only Facebook ads, since those customers are usually at home and more likely to buy.

Good luck!